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Great River Energy

Green River Energy was in desperate need of help to merge two companies into a shared space. With so many moving parts and a divided corporate culture, they were overwhelmed by the idea of where to start their build. We worked with GRE to better understand their unique needs, formulating a plan that would address these issues within the constraints of their timeframe and budget. We worked with their team, communicating regularly to keep them informed and empowered to make decisions.

"Sarah’s first step is to always listen carefully to the sometimes-competing interests in building decisions. She is able to act as a knowledgeable mediator and can navigate the sometimes-difficult politics in corporate decision-making." -- Mark L, Great River Energy

After formulating a plan, we got down to the nuts and bolts, working with GRE to make decisions on what would make GRE’s space truly their own. 

"Anton helped us make the best selections in furnishings, fixtures, and equipment as well as assisting us in the multitude of finish selections, etc. that are part of a headquarters build." -- Mark L, Great River Energy

We loved working with GRE because they understand the value of learning the needs of their customers and treating them fairly. It’s something we also pride ourselves on at The Anton Group. For us it’s not just about the end product, it’s our goal to make this process a success from start to finish. After all, it’s why GRE continues to work with The Anton Group to this day. 

"I rely on Sarah for great advice, strong project management, competitive pricing, and reliable service every time. She never disappoints in the execution, while bringing a positive and fun personality to the work." -- Mark L, Great River Energy

Valley Crossing Elementary

Valley Crossing Elementary School had a very specific problem -- they needed new lockdown shades on all their classroom windows and doors. Since the school was built in the 1980s and the window treatments were broken and outdated. By the time we talked to them, it had been way too long since VCE had these items replaced. This is a big deal, lockdowns are a critical part of the safety protocol to keep Valley Crossing Elementary kids safe. 

"We were having problems with the old blinds breaking and getting parts. We got to talking and [decided] to look at replacing all the window blinds in the school. Sarah seemed to have a great handle on what we were looking for. [She] worked with us during the changes that went along with bidding and our people’s ideas." -- Wayne F, Valley Crossing Elementary

With our knowledge of materials, we came up with a unique solution: diffusing film for the upper windows, plus a unique self-adhesive roller shade for the rest. This method combined with perforated roller shades allowed staff to control of light throughout the school day. It was also important to have lock-down shades for all interior windows and doors as a safety precaution in the event of an emergency.

This whole process allowed VCE to meet all its safety needs while spending less than projected -- a huge benefit for a school on a tight budget. Since this project happened at a school, we had to be sensitive to the classroom schedule and student needs during installation.

LMC A Lennar Company

A Lamar Company
LMC photo 2


"I’ve worked with the Anton Group on two large and complex luxury apartment buildings. Sarah and her team understood our vision and worked with our timeline and budget to make it happen. They were able to meet deadlines and provided a seamless install process. Additionally, they were able to creatively problem solve with us when products were back ordered or when there was a change in scope. Overall, it has been a very positive experience working with the Anton Group on both NordHaus and Odin and I would highly recommend them and work with them again in the future." -- Megan G, Development Manager at LCM, A Lennar Company

Park High School


"We use our gym for a lot of activities which are either sports-related or for general assembly. The decision to hire Anton Group was about finding a solution to a problem we’ve had since our building was built, which was that the acoustic panels they provided cover a significant part of the walls in strategic locations, and are almost unnoticeable because they blend perfectly with the environment. I’d highly recommend using them for other projects in our district. " -- Phil K, Park High School